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Name: War DragonsCWL alt clan for Kings Order.
Clan Leve: 13
Type: inviteOnly
Location: United States
Members: 10
War Wins: 91 Streak: 0
Back to Work

Back to work on the site.  It's been a few years since I left but here is a few items thats been added

1. Wars and stats are no longer a manual process Simply click a link to add and update wars and results

2. More stats are track on players so you can get a better idea of whos doing well or whos not even attacking

3. Profile area has been added to get more details about any specific player

4. CWL stats have been added to track CWL and all clans in the league this helps better prepare for the next war.

I will continue to update the site and some of the future plans are

1. Redo the war planner so that it can be linked to the actual results This will allow you to deduct points if somone dosnt follow the war plan

2. add a area for Design Downloads so I can share designs online.

3.  few other odds and ends as they come to mind.

Submitted By Dark Knight On 2020-02-29 21:05:43

Tournament Mode Complete

Both single and double elimination modes have been completed now. 

- Single Mode when you loose your done

- Double Mode When you loose you go to the looser bracket and have a second change to take first.

Submitted By o0knight0o On 2017-03-19 17:48:17

Tournament Status

The following additions have been completed

  1. War caller
  2. Single Elimination Mode for tournaments

Enjoy the NCAA weekend if your into that and I will see everyone on Sunday!

Next on the List

  1. Double Elimination mode for tournaments
  2. War Planner
Submitted By dark knight On 2017-03-17 16:35:01

Security and login added

All members of Aces & Dueces will automatically recive accounts along with a random password. Get this password will need to be changed on the first login and you can get with me to recive the password.  Other additions include:

  1. War Caller requires you to login now in order to call targets
  2. security levels have been implamented CO and Leaders have admin access to the site
  3. Site automattically updates current members and detects members that left
  4. Only active members can logon the site if your black listed or left you will no longer have access
  5. some links may or may not stay on the site for public viewing so dont be suprised if a few dont show up one day

Things that I am currently working on

  1. Still working on the tournament system plan to have it added by tomarrow
  2. SSL Certificate,  No users will be given login information until the SSL Cert has been installed may be a few days
  3. War Planner
    1. using HTML 5 I plan to implament a war planner that will allow me to take a picture of a war base upload it to the site and draw the battle plan on the image.  This will help me explain things to members that is really difficult in game.  this will require the member to loginto the site.
  4. Connection to Facebook and the ability to share items directly to our facebook group

If you have any new ideas feel free to post them in our FB group or in game.

Submitted By o0knight0o On 2017-03-10 21:04:13

In the Works

Tournament area is in the works you can click the tournaments link to see a demo of what the bracket would look like.   However tournaments will be based on TH lvl and not everyone like the demo shows.  Looking to complete the Torunament mod on Satarday.

Submitted By o0knight0o On 2017-03-10 00:27:34

Target Caller added
New target caller system has been added. Link will be posted on fb and in the game.
Submitted By Knight On 2017-03-03 23:33:29

Active Updates to the Site

The following addtions are now active on the site

  1. Members area is now linked to the COC web service and will display the most up to date information
  2. Refiend the Offensive Ranking using my own custom caculation that in includes the following info
    1. Caculates total offensive power from Heros, Troops, Spells
    2. Figures in your sucess and failiers in war
  3. Refined the point system so it now will give or take points for the following
    1. Donations given vs recived
    2. War hits now caculate based on TH level not just stars gained and will also deduct points for not getting stars.
  4. Completed overhauled alot of the areas to show more data

Things coming down the road

  1. Clan Tournament Addtion
    1. Trounament brackets will be viewable
    2. Something similer to clash caller which will allow members to call their targets

All I have for now will post with more updates soon.

Submitted By knight On 2017-02-18 19:13:55

New site modifications

New site modifacations are underway.  I can now link directly to game data using COC's web serivice.  I will be implamenting that into the site over the new few days.  Currently it is just implamented on the home page but should move into the other areas soon.  The idea is to fully automate the functionality of the site.

Submitted By knight On 2017-02-12 13:11:01

Point Syste Updates

Some updates to the point system if you fall below -100 you will be kicked.  Currently only one thing will deduct alot of points

  1. Dont attack 1 war -20 points
  2. Dont Attack 2 strait wars -50
  3. Dont attack 3 strait wars -101 (You will be kicked)

I will update the points page as soon as I get a chance to reflect the new changes. 


Submitted By knight On 2015-06-09 18:16:40

Aces & Dueces COC

Welcome to the Aces & Dueces Clash of Clans site.  I have been working on a lot of new features to enhance the gaming experience of all members of our COC clan.  First off, if this is the first time you have visited please take a look around the site.  If you have noticed I have broken the ranks down into a few more than just Members, Elders, CO's and Leader.  I have also added a Probation rank.  The probation rank is new and allows me to keep track of members that constantly leave and come back.  If you find yourself with this rank and leave you will be banned.  In order to move up you will need to earn enough points to move back into Member status.

If your not aware we are also on Facebook.  The link to our Facebook group is located here:


This is a closed group if you submit a join request please have your COC nick handy. 

As for wars, we war twice a week and On Sunday everyone opted in will be allowed to play.  Only consideration for this is if 16 are opted in.  If this happens the one with the least points will be set out.  Our second war is one Wednesday, this is a 10 Vs. 10 war and the 10 players with the most points will play.  A standby list will also be adjusted if some of the top 10 are opted out the standby list will fill in.  If two on the standby list have the same pionts, then overall points will determine who gets to play.

Donations is another big issue I allow for 50 free donations to get started after that it should be on a 1 for 1 baises.  If you donated over 200 troops nothing will be said.  but if you dont even make it to 100 then dont expect to recive anything.  Eventually the site will be broken down so that CO's will have the ability to manage a large portion of the site.   If a web service ever comes avalible for the game that will be tied into the site also. 

Clan requirements:

  1. Speak english (we all speak english here, if we cant understand what your saying we will kick)
  2. Build up with your TH lvl.  We dont need more players with a th10 and gold walls and lvl 2 troops
  3. Contribute to the clan, dont ask for things your cant give.

See rules for the full load out but these are biggies.

Submitted By knight On 2015-05-23 17:15:50