Tag: #28VCQVVR0Discription:
Name: War DragonsCWL alt clan for Kings Order.
Clan Leve: 13
Type: inviteOnly
Location: United States
Members: 10
War Wins: 91 Streak: 0
You will be awarded points for doing well in battle, and deducted points for going off plan. The plan will be posted under war plan prior to each matchup. The only time you will not be deducted points for going for loot is if its a defenate win. Otherwise I recomend you stick to the plan that is posted. Currently points will ony given for war offense and defense. later points will be given for donations 1 point for every 100 donations. This will have a set time to donate by and any donations after the set time will not count
Points Gained by TH level points added on to the list below(ETH - YTH) + S
offensive stars you take from anyone 4 ranks below your current rank and above (per star)1
offensive stars you take from anyone 5 ranks below your current rank and down (per star).5
Points for Defensive stars left when war is complete (per star)1
Points for Donation will be Donations - Recived * 0.01 as long as you dontate more then recived you will ern points otherwise you will loose points(D-R)* 0.1
Minus points for not attacking your assigned targe within a few ranks-1
Minus points for attacking for loot (in close matchup only)-5
Minus points for not getting a star on your target (ETH - YTH) - 3
ETH = Enemy Town Hall, YTH = Your Town Hall, S = Stars Gained