Tag: #28VCQVVR0Discription:
Name: War DragonsCWL alt clan for Kings Order.
Clan Leve: 13
Type: inviteOnly
Location: United States
Members: 10
War Wins: 91 Streak: 0
The Games Member rank is broken into several other ranks on the site. Once you get enough points to become an elder you will be promoted. If you fall below the required amount of points you will be demoted. Once you reach enough points to earn co the Leader and other CO's will determine if you would make a suitable CO there is no guarantee you will get CO just based on points it will simply mean you have reach the point of eligibility and will be considered for that role. As for the Leader rank if I need to leave for a extended time the co-leader with the most points will take over. If I quite for some reason the co-leader with the most points will be promoted to leader.
RankRequired Points
Co Leader10000