Tag: #28VCQVVR0Discription:
Name: War DragonsCWL alt clan for Kings Order.
Clan Leve: 13
Type: inviteOnly
Location: United States
Members: 10
War Wins: 91 Streak: 0
Im not going to really say alot in the game I posted the rules here to view and follow them. If you decided to review them and follow them we will be great if not we will still enjoy the game just without you.
Clan Rules
1.)Follow War plan if participating in war
2.) For those tophy pushing or practicing don't ask for specific level troops for non war donations. Just simply ask for wizards or what ever it is your wanting. For those farming please keep the request as generic as possible such as ground, air, anything, ect.
3.)For those donating troops. Please give what is requested those requesting specific troops are probally trying to get better and I have no problem with that and think they deserve to do so.
4.)After you have received 50 donated troops you will received troops on a 1 to 1 ratio with your donated troops. If you have received 50 troops and donated 1 troop you will get a barb, archer, or goblin.
5.)If you disregard the war plan and go for loot 2 consecutive times you will be kicked.
6.)If you don't want to participate in war opt out. If you are opted in and do not attack you will be deducted 40 points unless you give us a heads up early
7.)If your in war and only use 1 attack you will be deducted 20 points
8.)Don't spam the chat box or you will be kicked. Spamming is sending a bunch of useless text in a short amount of time.
9.)Attacks are tracked if you miss 8 of 16 attacks reguardless of points you will be kicked
10.)If your war points hit -120 you will be kicked
11.)If you go inactive for longer then a month you will be kicked we have another clan for inactives to sit in. I recomend you go there if you need a extended break
12.)Last but not least keep it friendly if you start causing a issue within the clan you will be kicked.